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   Bobbi grew up in Dothan, but was groomer certified at Critter Clips School of Pet Grooming in Colorado Springs. She has continued her education annually by attending grooming seminars and workshops. Bobbi has an enormous heart for family and animals with two children and four dogs of her own. Before moving back to Dothan, she worked as a groomer for a pet hospital in Colorado Springs, then briefly groomed at a local shop in Dothan until deciding to open up a pet facility of her own in 2014. Bobbi's Barks & Bubbles is her vision and she constantly strives everyday to make her dreams a reality for herself, for pets, and their owners by working to provide outstanding excellence for every client.


   Alexis is the friendly voice of Bobbi's Barks & Bubbles and started working for Bobbi in late 2016 as a receptionist while attending college full time. Her dedication and attention to detail quickly landed her a full-time Office Manager position for BB&B in 2017. She loves to greet and love every dog upon arrival to the shop and helps keep the shop running smoothly with her amazing skill for timekeeping and scheduling. When she isn't giving her attention to dogs at work, Alexis is the mother of a Pitty-baby named Rebel and a sassy Chihuahua named Zoey.


   Brooke has over four years of professional experience with dogs in both corporate and privately owned grooming shops and is certified in Professional Groomer Safety through IPG. She started her profession with dogs in mid-2014 while also attending college full time, but has successfully completed a grooming apprenticeship program with flying colors and now grooms full time at BB&B. Brooke is known for her calm demeanor which is great for keeping the dogs at ease during their stay with us. She has grown up and spent most of her life in Ozark and has a loving Shepherd mix named Jake.


   Jade Jahn started her career with animals in 2015 working at a kenneling facility. A couple months later she started at BB&B as our full-time bather. Fast froward 3 years and she is now one of our best groomers! She is always striving for the best. Whether its learning new tips and tricks from other groomers or taking classes in Atlanta. Jade and her husband have also made huge contributions to BB&B.  She is always improving herself. She truly loves animals with all her heart. She currently has three cats that she rescued. One day she dreams of opening her own rescue center.

   As our resident “shop kitty”, Mikey is a cat that is definitely one of the dogs. Rescued in bushes by Madison's family, Mikey made his home at BB&B as a kitten and has grown into the hilariously playful cat he is today. You can find him in small dog daycare rolling around with some of his besties or in the front lobby lounging in the many spots he has claimed as his own.
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